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Golden Gloves, Ruben Garcia

My grandpa likes to run almost every day. He lives in Cicero with his whole family. I call him Joe; his name is Jose. He likes to go to church with my grandma, but they don't go anymore since my grandma got sick. He misses it.

My grandpa is important to me. He is a part of my family. I care about him and we have a good relationship. My grandpa was born in Puerto Rico. He said it was a wonderful place. He left Puerto Rico when he was a kid and came to Chicago.

When my grandpa was eighteen, he started to box. He had to train to be good at boxing. He won golden gloves. Later on while he was working he broke his hand and couldn't box anymore. He began to practice karate and attend the gym.

I got into boxing because my grandpa boxed. He taught me a few combinations and how to block. We like to joke around about boxing. He is always telling me to defend myself.

My grandpa is a good role model for me. He is always trying to help me. He always wants us to help him too.