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Just Like My Dad, Kiara

My family always says that I look like my dad, but not just how we act. When I get mad my mom says I get mad just like him. My personality is just like his. We are both crazy, funny, goody, and outgoing. We always make people laugh with our crazy jokes and sometimes what we just what we say. Also when we act goofy we make people laugh. We're very outgoing we love to talk to new people. My dad is very supportive. He motivates me to go really good at school and whatever stuff I want to do.

My dad had a crazy great childhood. I think he wants me go have a great childhood like he did because he always takes me somewhere adventurous. My dad told me lots of stuff of his childhood, like the time his friends and him got on a donkey and he told one of his friends to get off and hit the donkey so it would run, so he hit it. The donkey hit him back with his leg. The donkey hit him right in the forehead and gave him a big mark.