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Famous, Jhevon

My dad was famous at his old school. Every day he turned in his homework and listened to his teacher, but he was a class clown at the school. He was living in Ohio before he came to Chicago. He said it was fun coming here and hard work and peaceful. When my dad was in high school he was a DJ. People would come to his house to see him play music. His principal came and saw my dad DJ.

He was so impressed that he asked my dad, "Would you like to play your music at the school?" He said, "Yes!"

When he was playing music at the school, he saw a beautiful woman walking towards him and she whispered into his ear, "Would you like to be my boyfriend?"

He said, "Yes!"

After that year he went to college and they got married. As time passed they both were making house music and made a lot of money. That was when my five brothers and sisters and I were born. They had to stop because we were little and our ears were small.

When he made his last track he played the music extra loud so that people everywhere could hear it. That day when he said "Thank you for listening to my music," he became famous with all the people who heard the music. When days get older, people get older. Now people that heard the song have his song on disc and his picture on the cover to remember his face and what he did.

Now my dad and mom have to have jobs to get more money so they can pay for our food and other stuff. My dad worked at a car wash for few years, and then he worked at a Burger King. Now he works at an airport. He set up his goals early for his life. This interview influenced me. I learned how he went to school and did the best he could even though he acted like a class clown. He influenced me a lot is how he wanted me to be like him and be famous. Also he wanted me to learn how to make music and be a DJ. That's how he influenced me.