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A Dream-Filled Piñata, Jenny

America is considered a melting pot because it is filled with people from other countries. Most came to start a new life here in America. They come here to give their children a better childhood and life, start college and have a great career. This is why it was important for my mom to come to America.

My mom was born in Mexico on January 7, 1978. She has nine brothers and sisters in total. She is the third oldest in the family. She had a much rougher childhood than I did. When she was young she had to do chores all day long and couldn't go outside to play with her friends. Sometimes she had to go and sell bread with her godmother. Whatever was left of the bread she gave to her siblings to eat because there was not enough food for all her sisters and brothers. This surprises me because she had to do so much more than she makes me do.

One of her best memories she had in Mexico was when she spent Christmas with her parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles. Her aunt would make piñatas from scratch. Inside the piñata there would be eggs, flour, oranges, peanuts and other crazy things you wouldn't imagine being inside a piñata. She loved spending time with her family every day.

Years later, she came to America. It was very different than she imagined. The most challenging thing for her was not knowing anybody or the language at first. The reason she came here was to so my sister and me could receive a better childhood, future, and career than she did. These things were really important to her and so were her goals and dreams. She really wanted to be a first or second grade teacher here.

She has inspired me so much with everything she has done for me and my sister. She always tells us to not let anything get in our way and to go to the right path, not the wrong one. This is why my mom has inspired me and always will inspire me through my entire life.