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A big Influence, Jennifer

Have you ever had someone in your life who has had a big influence on you? Well, my mom is this person in my life. She is always telling me to keep my grades up, and nobody else in my family is really on me about my education like she is.

My mom influences me throughout her life because she was the only one out of ten siblings to graduate from college. When my mom was younger she had good grades in grammar school, high school, and college so she really wants me to have good grades and keep going with my education. My mom always talks to me about what high school and what college I want to go to.

In addition, she has shown me that hard work pays off. My mother has worked hard all her life. She always tried to do her best to provide for us, even by working a job she didn't like it just to support us.

Overall, my mother is a big influence on me to do my best in the future.