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Air Force Aunt, Janell


Ms. Christy is a teacher aid (SECA) at Cameron Elementary School. She is also my aunt. I look up to her because she has worked in the Air force and this is where I want to be. But she told me it wasn't always easy.

My aunt started at age 18 in the air force because she wasn't sure what she wanted to do in college. So without wasting time she immediately started training to be in security forces, a kind of Air Force cop, including flight line security, Nuclear Weapon security, and more cool and interesting things. Because of her great work she was assigned to protected a general. This honor granted her the right to travel to different places like Germany, Texas, Europe and more.

In Germany not only did she experience all the Air force had to offer, she also experienced love. 2001-2004. Christy met her husband while she was in Germany. They were doing the same job at the same time protecting a general. Ad a year later they got married and Alyssa E. James. Unfortunately she got out of the Air Force because her and her husband agreed it would be better for their family. Christy was sad to leave but even though she left for her family, the memories and experiences she had will last a lifetime.

Christy James' experiences in the Air force has made her brave, strong and determined. That is why I look up to her, and also because I want to have those types of experiences and memories.