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In His Words: "Awesome", Hector

When people think of my dad, they think of a funny, joyful and sometimes kind of lazy man. I chose to talk about my dad because he is a big part of my life. His childhood was like mine and he teaches me things. My dad's childhood, in his words was "awesome". There wasn't a day that he wasn't outside. He was mostly outside with his best friend (my soon to be godfather). Even though he was having fun he would also take care of his sisters. He would take care of them like they were his own. My dad would also teach me things, like how to avoid getting in trouble on the streets. He says this world isn't what it used to be. I also love my dad because he told me that I was the reason he tried to join the army.

These are the reasons why my dad is important to me. If my dad wouldn't have taught me things, something bad would've happened to me. That's why I love my dad.