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I Called for Him and He Came Francisco

My uncle is twenty-one years old, and he is a hardworking man. My uncle likes to have a lot of fun like playing basketball. He is tall and he has worn glasses since he was a little kid. He grew up without much help when he was like ten years old. His brothers and sisters could not help him with academics because they were older.

When I was little, my uncle used to take care of me. When I started school, he would take me places with his friends. I remember he took me to K-Mart and I got lost. Then I went to the front desk, and I called for him and he came.

Since my uncle was ten years old, he had to work hard. For example, he doesn't have a good car, but he has good things. Also he has a good job, and one of his brothers is the manager of his job. He has worked several jobs, but he quit them because of his schedule. He could not spend much time with his family because he worked late hours.

The way uncle Richy has impacted me is that he works hard and has proven this over time. Sometimes, he takes me out to eat. We also go to the park to play basketball. When I get bad grades, he talks to me and punishes me. This shows me that he cares. I look up to him and I plan on following in his steps.