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Family Traditions, Emilie

There are many different ways to celebrate Christmas. My Dad's family celebrates in a Catholic way. When they celebrate Christmas they eat, they dance, and talk about the day, work, anything. Later they get 2 or 3 kids and adults and make speeches. Then they make a play and the little girl carries the baby Jesus. My family starts to sing. Then the little girl puts the baby in the basket. Later the people start dancing and eating cake until the party is over. My Daddy's family is Catholic so that's how I know.

When I was 5, I was in Mexico and I was the one who carried the baby Jesus in the play. There were a bunch of lights and we had to walk a long way to Catholic church. We walked in the night then we went it eat tamales with champurrado (hot chocolate) when we were walking we went to houses and sing to them. I remember that there were many people on the streets, like a parade but they weren't dressed wildly. Some people were even carrying Statues of La Virgen de Guadelupe. It was very nice and I'm glad I was there.