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Sister Issues, Darrionna

Every family has a rocky relationship but they still love each other dearly. No family is perfect – not even if you're rich, poor or a wealthy family. Most families are proud to say who they are and where they come from and they really don't care about getting judged. Some families are like nightmares. Some families are like sweet dreams. This is important to me because any family could relate to what Jacara and I have.

I believe that my sister and I have grown-up and matured since we were kids. I agree that Jacara and I used to fight and argue more when we were little kids. I remember when Jacara and I went to Toys-R-Us and we fault over a Sponge-Bob sucker. It all started when my mom took us to Toys-R-Us to go buy scooters. Then it was time to go. Then I ran over to the place where they have the candy to grab the sucker.

Then Jacara ran over there by me and said, "I saw the sucker first."

Then I said, "I had it first."

Then my mom said, "Put it back. Neither one of you is going to get it."

Now looking back at that time, it was such a hilarious thing we ever argued over.

Jacara and I don't fuss nor fight with each other anymore. I remember when my sister and I saw these cute glasses at North River Side Mall and she beat me to the glasses. She felt sad for me I think and she gave them to me. Also, there was another moment when Jacara and I saw these cute house shoes at Wal-Mart. We both played Tug-of-War with the shoes so I just let them go and gave them to her.

This is to show people how my sister and I get along with each other and to see how people with sisters can relate to this. Many people don't have people to show them the right steps. Most sisters can tell each other secrets like I can with my sister. Although most sisters fight and bicker, they still get along and have each other's backs.