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Being Successful, Darrick

"I want you to grow up and become somebody," my grandmother said to me constantly as I grew up. She always had these ways of doing, living, and teaching me and the others how to depend on ourselves. Her name is Evelyn Rivera, born in 1958 on September my grandma grew up in the city of Chicago and was less fortunate than others. She finished school, and became somebody like she wants me to become somebody too.

My grandmother is a strong Hispanic woman who has always done her best to support and help others, and herself. I say that she is very successful in life because even though she grew up poor she bettered her life, and she has inspired me to better my life and be as successful as she has.

Being as successful as she was my grandma wanted to continue her career but she didn't because, she pretty much had accomplished her goals, in having her own house, car, and money in her pockets.

Having my grandma around is a great experience because knowing that life, and my future is very important she has inspired, and guided me to want to be successful and be able to take care of myself, and my family, and it's all because of her. Grandma has also been a big inspiration on my mom and my aunts. These are the things that make me proud of my grandma.