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Gigi, ETHS Sophomore

Give someone the opportunity to live in other places, they will probably have other cultures, other color skins, or a different way to think. But at the end ... we have the same heart that makes you love people, the same veins, and the same energy to live new experiences and create a new story in other countries. Don’t apart anybody else just because they are not from the same country as you are, you might want to learn things from them.

I chose this picture as a final photo because the vending machine represents the world, I also took the blurry picture because I wanted to simulate that they are moving to places and we are the Doritos, Cheetos, Pop Corns, etc. We have to learn how to live in a vending machine because the snacks are next to each other without any problems . There is not just one row of Doritos, or one row of Cheetos, Do you know why? Because we are all the same, we are sharing the same world, sharing the same vending machine. We all cost the same $1. Don’t discriminate the immigrants because they are looking for better opportunities in other places, we all have the same right to live wherever we want. I’m an immigrant and I can tell that with that, this vending machine, will be way better if you were just free to live your life or create a new one in other countries.